Friends of the Mount Vernon Trail Snow Patrol Takes Action

The Friends of the Mount Vernon Trail Snow Patrol was activated for the first time on Monday, January 14. The team cleared snow from LBJ Memorial Grove to the 14th Street Bridge opening a key connection between DC and northern Virginia for commuters.  A summary in numbers: 

  • 10.3 — inches of snow that fell at DCA on January 12-13.
  • 7 — number of snow shovels or other snow tools provided, brought, or borrowed by friends of the Mount Vernon Trail. 
  • 11 — number of people who volunteered part of their afternoon to shovel the trail.
  • 0.4 — miles of trail hand-shoveled by the volunteers.
  • 1 — key trail connection reopened between Arlington and DC.
  • Many — number of “thank you”s and “thumbs up”s received from walkers, runners, and cyclists passing by. 

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