Fixing Trollheim Volunteer Events and Our GoFundMe

The Friends of Mount Vernon Trail are seeking volunteers for multiple events in our ongoing effort to make Trollheim Bridge a little less trollish. Officially called Bridge 31, Trollheim is the wooden bridge next to Theodore Roosevelt Island that has been the site of multiple crashes due to slippery surfaces.

10/31 – Come help us remove the gunk between the board decks that prevents drainage and contributes to mold, mildew and other slippery stuff. –
11/14 – You hear those deck boards flopping around when you ride on the bridge? Come help reattach them. –
11/19 – Come help replace some deck boards that are rotting. –
12/5 – There’s a lot of freaking loose boards. This is a second loose board fixing event. If we run out of boards, we’ll start flipping some of the boards to extend their life. –

We’re also raising funds to apply an anti-skid treatment to Trollheim. The super good stuff that will both work and survive heavy use and bad weather is pricey. If you’d like to help, you can contribute at our GoFundMe:

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