Redevelopment Planned For Crystal City Water Park

JBG Smith is planning a redevelopment of the Crystal City Water Park that includes some potential impacts to the access to the Mount Vernon Trail. In 2020, over 330 thousand people used the Crystal City Connector. JBG Smith presented a request to modify the site plan for the park to the Arlington County Board. Several community members spoke in opposition to the site plan due to the inclusion of a connection to a new VRE platform access that would have created a blind corner and major conflict point with bike riders exiting the tunnel. The Arlington County Board directed JBG Smith to revise the site plan to address the conflict and present revised plans at the March Board meeting. Coverage of the Board meeting is at

The submitted concept included a new walkway to access the VRE platform. Commenters at the January Arlington County Board spoke out against creating connections to the VRE path and the main water park connecting at a blind corner to the tunnel to the Mount Vernon Trail.

The redevelopment promises some upgraded amenities for trail users. A new trailhead facility that includes restrooms be built. Other changes include several vendor kiosks, a platform for performers, more shaded grassy areas and a bar built over the top of the existing water fountain. These changes are likely to make the water park an appealing destination from the trail and build upon the work that the National Landing BID has done to make the park an active and lively location with Fridays at the Fountain. Check out the full concept.

The full concept includes a promenade with kiosk, shaded seating, an event space and a water bar.

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