CC2DCA Bridge Comments Express Support for Connection to the Mount Vernon Trail

Arlington County released the responses to a questionnaire conducted this summer in support of a study about building a new multimodal bridge from Crystal City to DCA. The study is exploring the possibility of providing walking and biking connections to the airport as well as connections to transit such Metro, buses and the VRE. Multiple comments supported adding direct access from the Mount Vernon Trail to the bridge. The current access to the airport from the trail involves traveling through a parking lot, an uncomfortable underpass with 90 degree turns and crossing over some ramps before entering a parking garage that is far from the terminals.

Because the project would use federal funds and also likely impact federal lands in the George Washington Memorial Parkway, the next action is to conduct a NEPA process that will include an Environmental Assessment that would produce multiple alternatives as well as a preferred alternative for construction. The NEPA process is lengthy and is anticipated to take three years.

Additional information is available at the Arlington County project website.

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