Seismograph and Trail Signs in Alexandria

Trail side seismograph in Alexandria where the Mount Vernon Trail meets Pendleton Street.

Trail users may have noticed a few recent changes on the trail in Alexandria where the trail meets Pendleton Street. The most recent is a white box with a solar panel. The box is a seismograph which has been placed to monitor ground vibrations as a result of Alexandria River Renew’s project to prevent combined sewage overflow from entering the Potomac.

New signs at the trail intersection with Pendleton Street.

Earlier this year the City of Alexandria changed the signage at Pendleton Street. Previously trail users had a stop sign before entering the street. That sign was replaced with a yield sign and a sign reminding users to look both ways before entering the street. The city also added two wayfinding signs to direct trail users to continue to the Mount Vernon Trail via either Union Street or Royal Street.

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