61 Trail Bumps Gone – Help Us Fix 634 More in 2023

We know that there were 695 trail bumps on the Mount Vernon Trail because we documented, counted and measured every single one down to the smallest half inch bumps over 18.5 miles of trail. We now have a machine that can grind the bumps away and we fixed 61 of them in December. That leaves 634 bumps.

Can you help us continue to fix the trail bumps by making a donation to the Friends of the Mount Vernon Trail? Trail bump removal involves significant costs. As a small, all volunteer nonprofit, we’re incurring costs for fuel, maintenance, asphalt patch and crack sealer in addition to the need for more storage space, equipment transportation, personal protective equipment and additional liability insurance.

We’ve removed bumps from Marina Towers in Alexandria all the way to Jones Point and from Belle Haven Park south towards the Dyke Marsh bridge. Check it out. Let us know what you think. And if you want us to continue removing bumps in addition to the other work we do to trim vegetation, remove graffiti, pick up litter and remove overgrown trail edges, please donate and then sign up for an upcoming volunteer event.

Thank you for your support in 2022. We held 47 volunteer events with 705 volunteers devoting 2,135 hours to improving the trail. Sign up to volunteer or donate today.

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