Boundary Channel Trail Connection Construction Begins January 25th

Construction activity related to the Boundary Channel Drive at I-395 Interchange Project will close a portion of the existing unpaved social path near the Pentagon Lagoon beginning on 1/25/2023. The point of closure will be approximately 1000 feet south of where the Mt. Vernon Trail passes underneath the George Washington Memorial Parkway. Signage will be installed to alert path users of the closure. The path will remain closed for up to 6 months as the Project reconstructs the Interchange between BCD and I-395 and constructs a new paved path connecting the existing path to Boundary Channel Drive.

This project will realign the current ramps to I-395 creating two traffic circles with off road paths that connect to the path on Long Bridge, the Mount Vernon Trail and the Pentagon.

A picture of the closures, which includes closing Exit 10A is below. Boundary Channel Drive will remain open during this phase of construction.

The Friends of the Mount Vernon Trail needs your help to continue improving the trail. Sign up for a volunteer trail improvement event or Donate to Friends of the Mount Vernon Trail to help us purchase tools and supplies.

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