Contract Awarded for Bridge 23 and Bridge 24 Reconstruction on Mount Vernon Trail

The National Park Service (NPS) and their partner the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) have awarded a contract for replacement of Bridge 23 and 24 along the Mount Vernon Trail and within Dyke Marsh. The park has been providing briefings on the project to the Friends of the Mount Vernon Trail and the Friends of Dyke Marsh during the past several months. The replacement bridges will be widened to 14 feet wide with railing that complies with current design standards. Bridge 23 is the long bridge that goes through Dyke Marsh. Bridge 24 is the very short and very narrow bridge between Bridge 23 and Belle Haven Park.

Picture of Bridge 23 in Dyke Marsh facing south.

You may see increased activity in the area. Several trees have been marked with plastic ribbon. Please don’t remove the ribbon as it is there to identify trees that need to be protected. The contractor and NPS are currently finalizing details on staging areas for equipment as well as the trail detour. The trail will remain open during construction. We anticipate an announcement for the project by the NPS this spring and will share additional details on construction sequencing and detours as soon as we know.

Photo of Bridge 24 facing north.

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Photo of the recently reconstructed Bridge 12. Bridge 23 and Bridge 24 will be built with a similar standard.

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