Comment On Trail Improvements and Open Space Plan For Power Plant Redevelopment

Hilco Redevelopment Partners is seeking feedback about open space features for the redevelopment of the Alexandria power plant which will impact the Mount Vernon Trail. We encourage all trail users to submit a response by May 31st. We suggest including the following in your feedback:

  • Question 7: Select separated bike facilities and native plant garden
  • Question 8: Select replacement of the cage
  • Question 9: Widen and straighten the bridge by the pump house. The current narrow design with blind corners has contributed to injuries on the trail.
  • Question 14: Select water fountain, public restrooms and bike repair station.
  • Question 15: Separate biking and walking trails that connect between the Mount Vernon Trail and Abingdon Drive.

On May 24, 2023 at 6:30 p.m., Hilco Redevelopment Partners (HRP) will host the fifteenth in a series of
community meetings regarding the transformation of the Potomac River Generating Site (PRGS) in Old Town
North. The City of Alexandria and the HRP team are committed to engaging the community and obtaining
feedback on this project and are working together to facilitate the best possible process to encourage public

This meeting will be virtual (via Zoom) and provide a preview of the open space plans on and around the site as
part of the open space community engagement process. The community will also be able to ask questions
during the meeting as part of live Q&A.

Residents can register in advance for the meeting. Residents may provide comments and questions at the meeting or submit them in advance to

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